Every advanced buyer knows the secret of a good purchase - it is a meticulous acquaintance with all operational characteristics. And it is more reliable than any advice to understand what the special icons on the laminate packaging mention because they provide complete information about all the product's key characteristics. Such labeling is very diverse. However, a standard marking system includes a description of the main operational characteristics.
Pictures are often used on laminate packaging to highlight additional advantages in the characteristics of the floor covering. The following indicators are most commonly used:
Heat resistance. A sign with a smoking cigarette indicates the resistance of the laminate protective coating to high temperatures
The opportunity of using laminate flooring in rooms with a floor heating system
This sign draws attention to the fact that the floor covering is hygienic and easy to care for.
An overturned glass emphasizes the resistance of the laminate to stain formation and chemical exposure – this means that the laminate surface is protected by varnish or a special solution.
The icon indicates that the laminate surface is hypoallergenic and is not a favorable environment for various microorganisms
The icon with lightning informs about the antistatic property of the coating. This means the laminate does not allow static electricity to accumulate and attract the smallest dust particles
The sign indicates the increased resistance of the laminate to pressure and, as a result, to the formation of dents and scratches.
Indicator of the laminate's resistance to UV rays
AC3 — no more than 2000 movements of the abrasive roller (31)
AC4 — no more than 4000 movements of the abrasive roller (32)
AC5 — no more than 6000 movements of the abrasive roller (33)
The abrasion class is assigned using a test in which the piece of laminate board is exposed to two abrasive rollers. The coating condition is checked after every 100 times the roller is rolled, and every 200 times, the sandpaper on the rollers is changed. That is, the conditions of long-term abrasion of the floor by the same object are simulated. The class is assigned when the roller fits the decorative printed pattern.
Perhaps the main indicator of the quality of laminate. The gradation of rate increases from class 31 to 33. The strongest and most reliable laminate is class 33. Even with the most intensive usage, it will retain its consumer properties for a long time.
Icons depicting a flame or matches tell about the laminate's essential characteristics, such as its fire safety class and flammability level. The safest and most challenging to ignite coatings are marked A2-s1, B-s1, C-s1 or B1; the least safe — E-d2 or B2.
Thus, additional features of the laminate in its qualitative and aesthetic indicators are indicated:
Also, icons are often used, denoting the individual distinctive features of the laminate, distinguishing it from other collections with its additional, qualitative advantages:

These designations reflect a certain uniqueness of the size and shape of the laminate board:
What do the icons on the laminate packaging mention?
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