The history of the plant began back in 2000 with a small trading company. For 23 years, Joss Beaumont has grown to become one of the largest manufacturers of laminated wooden floor coverings in the market of finishing materials in Moscow and the Moscow region.
Thanks to a clear production and personnel management system, which is based on the principle of perfectionism: everything works according to the rules, eliminating possible risks and ensuring stable growth of the company's indicators.
Special attention was given to democratic management principles – we introduced the rules which apply to all company employees. No nepotism, no “favorite ones” who would be allowed more than the rest. Knowing these principles, every employee can be certain of career opportunities provided he/she has the necessary skills and mindset.
During the Russian financial crisis of 2014, the company's management looked for ways to localize production in Russia so that the funds invested by local customers into the purchase of products stay in the country during these challenging times. The feeling of social responsibility and commitment to the local community brought about the idea to purchase the required equipment and launch efficient and innovative production in Russia.
Today our factory is located in the city of Stupino, Moscow region. It occupies an area of 10,000 m2, on which eight production lines of laminated wooden floors have been launched. At the moment, eight full-fledged collections are presented, two of which are unique products that have no analogues among the products of other Russian manufacturers.

The Joss Beaumont factory creates a unique laminated wood coating, providing a wide selection of designs that will perfectly complement your interior. Our floor covering also has many additional characteristics that prove high strength, abrasion resistance, ease of maintenance and guarantees the absence of emissions of harmful substances.
This project allowed us to support our government's call for import substitution in order to strengthen the economy of the Russian Federation.
We are ready to make a feasible contribution to its implementation by creating our own high-class domestic production.