The taste obeys no laws

GUSTO collection was specially designed for installation in the classic parquet pattern – theherringbone – which enhances theauthenticity of an interior and fills it withcharm and style. Thanks to a variety of most fashionable and modern decors and the 4V bevel this classic collection looks innovative and inspiring.

Notice! The GUSTO collection laminate installation method differs from that of other collections. We produce planks with two types of locks – A and B. This enables the installation of a wood-block floor in different complex patterns. The production process is organized so that the number of planks with one lock type has to match exactly the number of planks with the other lock type. We separate planks with the A lock and B lock into different packages to exclude confusion during the installation and speed up this process. But buying them as a set is only possible because one type of planks cannot be used without the other. It is impossible to sell only one package of planks with the "A" lock or only with the "B" lock.