Fire hazard class KM2 or What is required to know about the system of fire certification of finishing materials in the Russian Federation.

Safety comes first. A truth and an aspect that should be key in the initial arrangement of our daily life. However, due to the innate human unwillingness to allow the possibility of trouble, we recall this very security after the fact in an attempt to answer the eternal Russian question - "whose fault it is?".

The modern market of finishing materials – what we surround our daily life with is rich in diversity, from entirely natural to completely synthetic. And before you make your choice, we want to draw your close attention to such an essential parameter of the material as fire safety.
According to Russian Federal Law #123, which is in force in Russia today, all finishing materials should be divided into classes. A very strict "Technical Regulation on Fire Safety Requirements" analyzes all the key characteristics of the material, showing us how safe a particular product is. Only 6 fire safety classes of finishing materials are systematized by increasing their danger from KM0 to KM5.

All the laminate collections of the Joss Beaumont factory have already passed fire safety certification. As a result of the research, the Joss Beaumont laminate was assigned a class – KM2! The highest in terms of safety among products of such a nature of production as laminate! Even the world's giant factories cannot boast of such indicators.
And now in more detail about the Classes and characteristics by which they are assigned are available in this table:
At this point, we want to summarize all information. The requirements are rigorous, and only a few materials can pass them concerning fire safety.

Today's market is flooded with finishing materials with numerous design solutions: millions of colors, drawings and textures. You can enforce almost any idea, but do not rush to choose, be sure to pay attention to such a parameter as a fire hazard. In addition, if the wrong choice of finishing materials for fire characteristics, in case of a check, the fire inspection will have many questions, and the property usage will become a big question.